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W-18 And Its Risks

W-18 is just one of the latest new harmful drugs to be found. It is a synthetic opioid. Synthetic opioids are human-made versions of real naturally occurring drugs. They’re generally made to be cheaper than the natural drugs.

An example of that would be heroin. Heroin is derived from the poppy plant. Opioids are common in medical care to be used as pain-killers. They also cause a euphoric effect.

Drug-induced euphoria is when the brain is told to release dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that can make people feel good. That is what makes opioid drugs attractive. They are usually very addictive, which means people have to keep taking them and cannot control whether or not they stop.


They want to keep feeling good, so they keep taking the drug.

Opioids and their synthetic versions can also produce tolerance quickly, which is the bodies response to the drug. People with high tolerance to a drug need more of it to get the feeling they are searching for. If they stop taking the drug, they can experience withdrawal. That happens when the body feels that it needs the drug the person was taking.

Withdrawal can be a long and hard process. Many people do not want to suffer this process. This is why addiction can be so hard to kick.


What Is W-18?

W-18 was developed in 1984 as a potential painkiller, but never actually became legitimate. Instead, it eventually fell into the illegal trade. It was many decades before it was discovered and started to be used recreationally as a substitute for natural drugs.

It went from forgotten to be pushed into the limelight. It was found in a raid in Calgary, Canada along with other synthetic opioids in 2016. This is what brought it to the front page.


Designer Drug

W-18 can be considered a “designer drug” by many. A designer drug is a drug created in a lab that is made by changing properties of the real drugs that come from plants. This is often done using chemistry.

They can be considered legal, at least at first. They have the same effects as illegal drugs but haven’t yet been outlawed. It’s supposed to be a “legal high”.

There are many versions of the drug available with slight variations. This is generally drug makers anticipating it becoming illegal.



It is risky to take W-18, especially with other drugs. It started showing up in the early 2010s. It is said to be 100 times stronger than Fentanyl, another synthetic opioid. There is no evidence actually to support these claims.

There are no established medical uses for W-18. The fact that it is so unknown is what makes it so scary. When there’s not enough information, we can’t know what claims are true or what claims are false.

Since W-18 has never really had a medical usage, there is no reason to prescribe it. That means there’s no reason to use it. So don’t risk it.